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We have an impressive record of consistently delivering Data Management, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Computing, Automation, Biometrics, Web design, Mobile application development, Online Reputation Management, Marketing Campaign Concept Design, Quality Assurance, Data Security and Asset Management Services. Our matchless expertise also extends to Embedded Systems, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Business Process Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.

At NAS, we understand the value of your unique business goals. Our personalized IT solutions are engineered to optimize efficiency at all levels of the organization and our seasoned success mantra of "Citius, Vilius et Melius" (Faster, Cheaper and Better) helps you reduce operational delays, cut costs and transform your business into a globally competent entity.


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Cyber Security

Our Cyber security Solutions and Training safeguard organizations Worldwide.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Computing services are engineered to augment the scalability and agility of your business.

Mobile Applications

Our Mobile Application Development department delivers quality products and services uniquely conceptualized for your requirement.


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Industry Oriented

“In addition to revolutionizing businesses, our portfolio includes an extraordinary track record of collaborations with NGOs, Brands and Governments from across the planet. Our efficient E- Governance tools implement Information Technology to drive development in Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Natural Resource Procurement, Transportation, Energy, Law Enforcement and Defence.”